Technical Training Teams

Program Overview


The Technical Training Team program offers players an opportunity to enhance their skill set, learn more about the game, and build friendships along the way. The program is managed and coached by our professional soccer staff.

This program is to aid in players’ development while they work towards fully joining one of our travel teams. Our Technical Training program provides players a similar experience to our Travel Program without the same level of commitment. This program allows players to be part of the team, attend practices, and continue working on their craft while having periodic scrimmages instead of league and tournament play.

This program is a great fit for:

  • Players who are interested in the game, but haven’t had as much playing experience
  • Players looking to take their soccer development a step up from recreational soccer
  • Players who are motivated to keep working hard at their skills to potentially join a GGFC travel team in the future
  • Families who momentarily aren’t able to meet the commitments of a travel soccer team and want a local soccer experience
  • Families and players who want to join the GGFC community

In order for players to continue to improve, players must commit to attending practice. Players will be expected to practice 2x a week with their team and continue to work on their individual skill sets. From in-person on the field work to any team activities or meetings, we expect all players to be fully invested.

If at any point, the head coach feels like your child is ready to compete and play at the level required for game days or tournaments, they can recommend your daughter to be moved up to have an official roster spot on the team. Our club Technical Director will discuss with the head coach and determine the placement of your daughter.