Formativo (5-10 Years old)


GGFC's Formativo program is run by our Technical Director, Jose Goicochea Jr. The program is based on the best current thinking about how to develop creative soccer players who truly love the game. It balances challenging the players with FUN. The program ensures solid player foundation and develops the fundamental technical, physical and psychological components of the game in a progressive and age appropriate manner. Applied technique and tactical awareness is taught through small-sided games that provide a maximum number of touches and individual decision-making.

"Formativo" is a program for working on the fundamentals, building confidence and developing a joy for playing soccer. Making soccer fun is absolutely necessary to ensure that one will play the highest quality and most competitive level in a player's future. Formativo is a practice only program. Players are not organized into teams and do not play in league matches for the entire year like travel soccer teams. The introduction of positions and results at an early age can detract from the process of player formation. In practice sessions, players are broken up into provisional groups along age and development levels and do drills and play games which are all geared to make learning fun and simultaneously develop things like touch, balance, coordination, reaction skills, confidence, etc that are essential to becoming an elite player.

The Formativo program is a rewarding experience for the players involved and serves as a bridge to Travel Soccer. Formativo is taught by licensed coaches who provide a fun and safe learning environment that encourages a player’s growth and passion for the game.

GGFC's Formativo soccer program is structured to both an introductory experience that trains once a week for players just discovering the game and a more immersive experience for players who enjoy working with our coaches and want to advance their development.

Formativo Toddlers (3-4 Years old)

In this age group we coach using the same foundation and fundamentals as our older Formativo group. There is a heavy emphasis on body movement, coordination, touches on the ball and most importantly having it be fun for all players!