Coaching Curriculum

By design, GGFC will neither look nor feel like any other club.

Gotham Girls FC is NYC's only All-Girls soccer club that is devoted to empowering young women through sports. At GGFC, we aim to motivate and inspire players on the field and off to be strong, powerful female leaders in their community.

Our programming expands far off the playing field through community service initiatives, leadership programs, and college guidance events. We believe female representation in our community is crucial to the development and strength of young girls. This is why we have also begun to develop programs to bring women into coaching, in partnership with US Soccer, providing low-cost classes to teach women of all ages about the game and bring them into the soccer community that so desperately needs more women in coaching roles.

On the field, our process and methods have been refined by years of cumulative soccer experience. Through soccer, GGFC empowers children with social and technical skills that will grow with them from their formative years through adolescence and beyond.

GGFC has customized programs to provide the highest quality training for Recreational, Developmental, and Travel-level players. GGFC has an experienced, enthusiastic, professionally licensed coaching staff dedicated to inspiring confidence, team building, and sportsmanship.

Ages Groups:


The emphasis on this younger age group will be heavily individual technical development. At these ages coaches will help teach players basic coordination, motor skills, balance, footwork, and movement necessary to play the game. Our coaches encourage and nurture our players to be more creative, confident, and want players to become more comfortable with the ball at their feet. The goal is to grow the player’s skill set to technically be more proficient in foundational skills such as dribbling and passing. Our coaches want to instill a love of the game at a young age and encourage players to maximize their efforts at practice and games.


As players get older and move from a 7v7 or 9v9 game to playing full-sided 11v11, the coaching emphasis shifts from individual development more towards entire teams being comfortable playing in bigger spaces in different formations and understanding strategies of the game. Sessions incorporate more tactical discussions and play. Players will learn more about game strategy and tactics, formations, and higher level concepts as well as gain a holistic understanding of the positions. In these older age groups, players are now expected to show the necessary commitment to their team throughout the season.


At this age our coaches continue to build the foundation of all players’ skill sets to mirror the challenges of the game. Sessions include bigger tactical concepts with an emphasis on more complex training that creates multi-dimensional moments of the game. Physical aspects of training have a more prominent role such as speed, agility, endurance, and strength. Players at this level are expected to show total commitment to their personal development and their team. They are expected to have the highest level of concentration in training and competitiveness during games once they enter these age groups.