Code of Conduct

All members and parties hereby referred to as “Club Members,” involved in Gotham Girls FC including, but not limited to its Directors, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, Employees, Parents, Volunteers, and Players, shall adhere to the Gotham Girls FC Code of Conduct.

Be Respectful

Club Members will lead by example in demonstrating respect and sportsmanship at all times.

Club members shall provide a safe and positive playing experience for players.

Be supportive and encourage your team.

Club members shall treat opponents, referees, other club members, and anyone with whom they come in contact with respect. It is the coaches' responsibility to communicate with the referee if need be.

Club members shall obey the rules of any facility at which they may be training or playing a game.

Parents and all club members shall support coaches, help maintain discipline, and promote good sportsmanship.

Club members shall not make derogatory comments toward any player, coach, parent, or other party.

Player & Team Development

Let the coaches coach. Coaches are responsible for the skill development of our players. Developing players holistically as soccer players and teaching the team takes precedence over results.

Be sure to give the coaches and players plenty of space on the sidelines to communicate and work together as a team.

Keep negative comments to yourself. Remember that all players are trying their best and players develop at different rates. Any conversations regarding players’ development, what they can improve on, etc. should come directly from the coach.

During games parents are welcome to cheer for the team, but shall not do anything that may be construed as coaching from the sidelines including but not limited to, giving instructions to players.

Player Participation

Players are expected to participate in all practices and games.

Parents are expected to participate by ensuring that their children are on time for team events and picked up from both practices and games as designated by Club or their team representatives and unless otherwise indicated, they are expected to provide their own equipment as may be necessary.

If a player cannot be present for a scheduled game or practice, the player or their family representative is expected to notify the coach in advance.

Any behaviors or actions that do not comply with the GGFC Code of Conduct may result in dismissal, suspension, probation, or other action as determined appropriately by the Gotham Girls FC.