GGFC’s training and player development differ from other clubs. We are the only All Girls Soccer Club in all of NYC.

We emphasize individual creativity and development. Our coaches are part of the Positive Coaching Alliance and we like to encourage our players through positive, constructive feedback.

For more information on how GGFC differs than any other soccer club, please check out our About Us page here

Formativo is beginner soccer program that helps younger children get introduced to the game of soccer and teach foundational skills.

Training for Formativo is once a week with no games or competitions throughout the year.

For more information on this program, check out our Formativo page.  

Travel soccer is a competitive program for players to continue to grow and have a strong drive to develop their soccer abilities and love of the game. Players that are ready to play competitive soccer, want to learn new skills, are ready to make the necessary commitment to play travel soccer and are ready to be coached by licensed coaching staff will benefit from playing travel soccer.

Click here for more details on our travel teams. 

Pier 40 is our home field for the majority of our programming.

We also supplement our training sessions with other downtown field locations including Chelsea Waterside Park, JJ Walker, Pier 25 and downtown gym spaces for the winter season.

Our home games are at Pier 40 and occasionally Randall's Island for our older travel teams. 

The competitive travel soccer season runs from September to June.

Our Development programs such as Formativo and Formativo Toddlers has three seasons - fall, winter and spring. While the programming is run year round, players need to register for each season separately. 

We have so many resources for our players to continue playing after their high school career.

One of our unique and special offerings for our families is our very own GGFC College Information Recruiting Series where the club brings in different college resources such as college coaches (DI, DII, DIII), academic advisors, financial aid representatives, and more, all for an intimate information session that can better assist our players (and parents) in finding the perfect college for them. 

If you are uncertain about in which program your daughter should play in, GGFC can coordinate a trial session to see which program and/or team may be the best fit.

Click here to schedule a trial session. 


To be eligible for travel registration, you must receive an invitation from the club inviting your daughter to join a team.

Once that an invitation is received, you can proceed to register your daughter through the LeagueApps platform.

Please note: if you do not have a pre-existing account on LeagueApps you will first need to create an account for yourself and add your daughter to your Family Account. 

No, players do not need to tryout for the developmental (Formativo) programs or technical training teams. Only travel teams require players to tryout. 

To sign up for a tryout for one of our travel teams click here


Our club-wide tryouts occur around April & May for the upcoming fall season. However, if your child has missed the official tryout date, we are happy to host an open tryout throughout the year at one of our training sessions. Simply email info@gothamgirls.org for more details.

Go to the homepage on our website and scroll down to the Tryouts section. 

Click "Tryout Now" and complete the registration process. 

You do not need to stay for the tryout, but parents are more than welcome to watch the tryout.

No it does not cost money, to tryout for a team is free! We just ask you to register online prior to the tryout date for registration and insurance purposes.

Just what you would normally bring to soccer practice! Generally, you should wear: soccer socks, cleats, shinguards; and bring a soccer ball and water bottle.

You will be notified via email within 48 hours of trying out for a team if your daughter has made the team. 

You will receive and email from the Technical Director and Executive Director notifying you if you made a team.

Parents may observe tryouts from designated areas, however, GGFC does not permit parents to talk specifically to, or coach their child, during the session.

For many children, this may be the first experience they will have with being selected, or conversely, with not being selected. It’s important that you, as a parent, manage their expectations.

The players performance over the course of the previous year combined with their efforts during tryouts are used to help select the most appropriate team/level for each player. Your daughter’s previous coach, tryout evaluators and full time TD all have input into decisions on where your child is best suited.


Yes, GGFC offers scholarships for those who qualify. 

In addition, GGFC offers free installment payment options for all members. All payments need to be submitted by April 1st of the current season. Please note, late payments will incur a service fee.

Registration is $200 and the travel fee cost varies with team age.

Please note: GGFC does provide scholarships. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, the application can be found on our website under “Resources.”

Included in the travel team fee:

  • Fall, Winter, and Spring Training
    • For H.S. age teams (U15 and older), training schedules vary to accommodate the school season
  • Fall and Spring League Registrations
  • Winter indoor training facility fees
  • League Referee Fees
  • Insurance Fees
  • Coaching Fees
  • Tournament Fees- # by age group
  • Goalkeeper Training- Group Training 1x per week
  • Coach Tournament Travel Expenses and per diem coaching fees
  • Team Media and Profile Guides
  • Full-time Coach who conducts all training sessions, league games, outdoor tournaments and indoor events
  • Team Management & Operational Support
  • College Recruiting Assistance
  • Summer Sessions

Not included in the travel team fee are: uniforms, futsal program, gear, and reimbursement for travel to and from games/tournaments.

Yes, based upon the age of the team, selected tournaments are included in the tuition to facilitate appropriate player development and/or college showcase opportunities. However, player travel & player hotel costs are excluded.

Generally, no refunds of payments will be made once a player has been accepted into a program. Additionally, each family must pay all fees for the year regardless of circumstances that may arise limiting a player’s activity. Any request for a special waiver of this policy based on extraordinary circumstances must be made in writing to the Executive Director. The decision of the Finance Committee is final.


If you are interested in sponsoring a team or player, please send us an email at info@gothamgirls.org with the subject title: Sponsorship and we would be happy to work with you!

Yes, as a non-profit 501c3 we leverage fundraising efforts to supplement our scholarship fund and offset operating expenses.

If you have questions regarding youth soccer rules or information such as what ball size to purchase, please visit this site here for more information.