Team Managers

Team Manager Overview

Below are links to the primary manager's resources. If there's a resource you need and don't see, email us.

This guide was written to outline and explain the pre- and inter-seasonal to-do's of a GGFC manager in the order that they are meant to be completed. Below is a brief outline of the preseason and in-season checklists and duties. Underneath the outline is a more detailed description of the items.

Below is an outline of the primary responsibilities of GGFC Team Managers:

  • Communications 
    • Team schedule and any logistics associated with games, practices, tournaments, team events, etc. 
      • Team schedule changes (including time or location changes, cancellations, etc.)
    • League Opponents
      • Connect with opposing team coach or team manager via email or phone prior to the game
      • For home games send Visiting Team Guide & ​confirm details
      • Input game score/result from the weekend on the league website by league deadline
    • Weekly Team Email
      • Communicate to parents any important information or changes to the schedule
      • Parents or players must to mark availability for each practice and for games
      • Encourage players to be on time, 15 minutes prior to practices and 45 minutes prior to games
      • Ask for parent volunteers for field set up for home games
      • Ask for parent volunteers for halftime snack (younger teams)
      • Ask for parent volunteers for potential car pooling for away games
      • Remind parents/players to bring BOTH colors of shirts to games. White is typical for home and black for away but can be dependent on what color the opposition shows up in.
  • TeamSnap Management 
    • Management the TeamSnap calendar for team events (i.e. practices, games, tournaments, team meetings, etc.) 
    • Reminders for practices, games, and tournaments
  • Medical Forms 
    • Distribute and collect medical forms at the beginning of each season and for any new players that joins the team during the season
    • USYS Medical Form
  • Appoint Any Team Coordinators
    • Field Set Up/Breakdown (Home Games)
    • Snacks (if applicable)
    • Team Equipment (i.e. bench - if applicable)
    • Carpools (if applicable)
  • Game Day
    • Must have on hand for all games and tournaments:
      • Roster/Player Cards
      • Medical Forms
      • First Aid Kit