Daniel Gutierrez

Assistant Coaching Director

  • 2023/24 Teams
    • U15 Cruziero
    • U19 Pelada
  • Playing Experience
    • Originally began his youth soccer with Bolaños and Big Apple FC clubs. Gutierrez played for DUSC for several years and continued with the Cosmos club team where he went to nationals and played in the academy. After his stints with DUSC and Cosmos, Dani played for MSC for a team sponsored by PSG. After time with clubs, Gutierrez played in DI out in Long Island and won the CUNY Championship in his first year.
  • Coaching Philosophy
    • One of Dani’s coaching philosophies in working with his teams has to do with the effort and energy in which his players tackle and embrace their games. He always tells his teams, “I’ll never be upset with them for losing and working their hardest, but I will be upset if they lose and never tried.” 
  • Favorite Quote
    • Ronaldinho: “I learned all about life with a ball at my feet.”