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Gotham Girls FC Travel Team Registration for the 2015-2016 Season



Registration for the 2015-2016 season will open soon.


For any questions please contact Paul Lee at (917-587-2439), or Cindy Sirko at (917-971-4602). For assistance with registration contact Dirk Kaufman at


Gotham Girls FC is the only soccer club in the New York City area whose sole focus is the development of female players. The Club’s top flight professional coaching staff has a uniquely positive child-centered approach to teaching and competition, with the goals of instilling love for the game, and helping girls reach their full potential as players and people.


GGFC is committed to long-term success for its athletes. For the youngest, coaches emphasize skills, decision-making, and creativity. Girls who play for GGFC are given the tools and opportunities to compete at the highest level in a safe and fun environment.


For those who wish to play collegiate soccer, GGFC focuses on college showcases and communication with college coaches. 


Age Groups:

U-10 born between 8/1/2005 and 7/31/2006
U-11 born between 8/1/2004 and 7/31/2005
U-12 born between 8/1/2003 and 7/31/2004
U-13 born between 8/1/2002 and 7/31/2003
U-14 born between 8/1/2001 and 7/31/2002
U-15 born between 8/1/2000 and 7/31/2001
U-16 born between 8/1/1999 and 7/31/2000
U-17 born between 8/1/1998 and 7/31/1999
U-18 born between 8/1/1997 and 7/31/1998

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