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In an effort to expose players to the highest competitive levels of soccer in the state, region, and country, Gotham Girls FC actively assists players who are inspired to play college soccer. GGFC is committed to sending our high school age teams to college showcase tournaments that will showcase our players talents to the most coaches possible.  It is very important that players looking to play in college speak with their head coach, and the coaching directors for guidance. The coaching staff will help you understand the different competitive settings that are out there and what would be the right soccer environment for each player. The coaching staff works together to ensure that we are providing the best possible setting for players to reach their college soccer goals.

GGFC is fortunate to have a wide range of collegiate coaches coaching youth teams in our club.  In addition to have a coaching staff that is knowledgable about the collegiate game, the club has established a partnership with AndGo Sports. AndGo Sports is a company whose mission is to connect our high school players with as many college programs as possible. Their services are highly personalized and each player is matched with real opportunities to play college soccer. AndGo also provides the club with educaitonal seminars and workshops that cover topics like financial aid, communicating with coaches, questions to ask coaches, college visiting advise, and so much more. To learn more about AndGo Sports, please visit

Part of GGFC’s mission is to empower players to organize themselves and be proactive in the college soccer process. To learn more about playing soccer in college, please take some time to go through the documents we have made available. In addition to the information provided here, please visit:

GGFC is excited to add this component to our club. It is an essential step in building a club that creates elite competition opportunities for our players.

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