Club Overview

By design, GGFC will neither look nor feel like any other club. Proven successful, our process and methods

have been refined by years of cumulative soccer experience.


Through soccer, GGFC empowers children with social and technical skills that will grow with them from their

formative years through adolescence and beyond.


GGFC has customized programs to provide the highest quality training for Recreational, Developmental, and

Travel-level players.


GGFC has an experienced, enthusiastic, professionally licensed coaching staff dedicated to inspire

confidence, team building, and sportsmanship.

The GGFC Culture – Futbol Formativo

Director of the Developmental Program, Coach Jose Goicochea, reaches into his Latin American background

when he adopts the word ‘formativo’ as the description of our Program. Formativo translates loosely

between “training” and “education.”


The distinction about the term ‘formative’ versus the more prevalently used terms “development” is that

development implies that there is an inherent potential and trainers build up on that.


“Formativo” implies that any child can be shaped with the right support on technical, emotional, mental and

physical aspect to enjoy the game and that “just let them play soccer” is just that.


No one can teach ‘passion’ or ‘heart’, but when a player is taught how to acquire skill and proficiency, the

game is fun. It is “just let them play soccer but with a purpose”.


GGFC – For the Players

Players are organized by age group and then by relative skill development. As individual progress ebbs and

flows, each child will have the opportunity to train and practice at the appropriate level within their age

group twice weekly.


For players in our Travel Program, we will also provide an additional Technical Skills Training and separate

Goalkeeper training every week free of charge to players looking to solidify or enhance specific skills and



The optional third practice, Technical Skills Training, is offered to players in higher level of competition for

more game related preparation and for less advanced players for working on fundamentals to develop

coordination, touch, dexterity and technical skills.


GGFC – For the Parents

GGFC expects parents to work in partnership with the coaches to create an environment where it is all

about freeing the kids have fun, play, compete and learn.


GGFC is a volunteer-run organization. Working together, we will nurture a positive, passionate, joyous

environment respectful to our children, coaches, families, and of course the game.


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